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Itís rumored that Kajolís taking a sabbatical from films, and hence turned down Farhan Akhtarís ĎLuck By Chanceí with Vivek Oberoi. Could you clarify the reports that youíre in the family way?

Iíve no clue as to why Kajolís not doing Farhanís film. From what I know, she heard the script. Itís entirely her decision to do or not to do that film or any other. But yes, sheís expecting.

Kajolís as talented as you, but has always been more in the news than you are, primarily because you tend to underplay your own performance. How do you rate yourself as an actor as compared to her?

Again, whereís the question of comparison? Weíre two individuals, two different actors. What I can perform, perhaps she canít, and what she can render, may, be I canít. The industry works in such a way that only if you suit the character, are you assigned to play it. Some characters I would fit best, and some others, someone else might be right for. And if the casting were wrong, then the actor playing the character would look very foolish attempting it.

Before marriage, Kajol was known to be quite a spitfire. But now, sheís said to have sobered down after becoming Mrs. Devgan. What has been your influence in changing her as a person?

Kajol is the same sensible person sheís always been. She was never the one to blow her fuse without any reason and sheís the same now too. Any normal sane person is like that, isnít it?

But then, she has influenced you too in a certain way. Before your marriage you were known to be indifferent, unapproachable, reserved and emotionally high-strung.

With age, maturity, responsibility, you do think twice before saying or doing something. Thatís the only difference. That has nothing to do with the other person. Itís about you yourself, and how much you care, how much more responsible youíve become. No one can change anybody, and no one should even try that. Because itís gonna look fake and might boomerang one day. You canít change your basic nature. Maybe sometimes you mellow down, sometimes you get aggressive, and it depends on the circumstances too.

Marriages in the film industry are always sailing in perilous seas. Affairs and link-ups always chase a star, despite their fidelity. How does Kajol react to the reports of your affairs with your co-stars? Donít these rumors cause a strain in your marriage?

Trust is very important, as itís the foundation on which any relationship survives. Everytime thereís been any reports of me having an affair with a heroine on an outdoor, it would eventually turn out that Kajol was with me on that very outdoor. So, in a way, those who reported such baseless stories looked very stupid and their lies stood exposed. Otherwise, we just laugh off these rumors. Itís very easy for any marriage to work, whatever profession you may come from. If the couple knows, understands and trusts each other, then nothing can ever create any problems between them, not even the media. I say this because the media did try to run down our marriage, saying there were huge problems between Kajol and me. It reached a point when we could take it no longer. Touchwood, there have been no problems between us at all.


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